Islamic Montessori

Islamic Montessori

We understand the concerns of Muslim families and our primary objective is to provide a solid foundation in Islamic studies and reinforce Islamic values in a nurturing environment. Our mission is to provide a developmentally-appropriate program based on the principles and philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori and the recommendations of the latest research in early childhood education encapsulated within an Islamic atmosphere. The program incorporates Arabic language instruction and bilingual “hands on” English/Arabic interactive materials plus Islamic Studies and a beginner’s Quran recitation with Tajweed instruction designed for young children.


Grace and Courtesy: The essence of the “Grace & Courtesy” exercises are to teach a child politeness control of their body (walking around circle gracefully), waiting turns patiently and proper manners.

Practical life: The goal of Practical life exercises is to develop in a child order, coordination, and concentration, and independence. These exercises are simply various kinds of everyday household activities such as pouring water, scrubbing a table, polishing silver, sorting, lock boxes, jars and lids matching, etc.

Sensorial: Sensorial lessons appeal to the five senses of sound, taste, touch, smell, and sight. Children learn about shape, color, weight, size, sound, smell, and texture through concrete, hands-on experiences. This sets the basis within a child for grasping abstract ideas later on in life.

Language: Children learn language through phonics as well as sight word vocabulary through labels in the classroom and easy-to-read books. The language materials include objects and pictures to be named, labeled, and classified to aid vocabulary development. Textured letters allow the child to feel and see the alphabet. Phonics and the “moveable alphabet” lead the child toward reading.

Mathematics: Montessori math work involves the children working with concrete materials to gain a solid understanding of abstract concepts. The whole math experience is very visual and kinesthetic. Children begin with hands-on pre-math work and progress in a sequential order, learning the concepts of numeration, addition, multiplication, division, subtraction, and problem solving.

Social Studies/Science: History, geography, botany, and zoology are introduced to the children in interactive and enriching ways. Students learn about our universe and our planet through maps, globes, puzzles, and other materials.

Arabic: The Arabic curriculum is designed to give the children impressive working knowledge of the language. The program is designed to be conversational, interesting and useful. Students learn shapes, colors and the fundamentals of the language.

Qur’an: Students will Insha’Allah learn 13-15 short Surahs from the Holy Quran.