Children may enroll in WIA as early as the age of three and begin with a strong Montessori program in which they learn social skills plus gain a sense of order and self-discipline. Math English science and social studies are taught in a “hands on” sequential way using appropriative manipulatives and attractive learning materials. Arabic as a second language begins in pre-school, as well. The children become self-reliant and begin to take personal responsibility for controlling their own behavior internally. As they grow, their social relationships evolve so that they can serve as role models for younger children.

At the elementary school and middle school levels, WIA enhances upon the minimum Virginia Standards of Learning (SOLs) and supplements the curriculum with integrated technology, unique teacher-made educational materials, external instructional resources, and a variety of interactive teaching techniques. We also use the Fairfax County Public Schools benchmarks as a guideline. In addition to greatly emphasizing the core subjects of Language Arts (English), Math, Sciences and Social Studies (History, Geography, Political Science & Economics), we also have supplementary classes in Physical Education, Computer Technology and Art. Our curriculum also incorporates Qur’an, and Islamic Studies classes for those families wishing to participate.

At each successive level, children take more responsibility for doing independent research and collaborative projects with peers. Presentation skills are built-up over time, so that each child gains experience presenting research and public speaking. Students who complete our curriculum proceed on to have excellent high school experiences. EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES

WIA students have the option to participate in the following activities during their academic year:

  • International Day
  • Science Fair
  • Spelling Bee
  • Healthy, Active Day
  • Educational Field Trips
  • Religious holiday Celebration (Ramadan & Eid)
  • Graduation Ceremony

Other extra-curricular activities also include dramatic productions, art, poetry and poster competitions, and an introduction to a wide array of sports.